We look at coffee in a holistic way, you need to have the best beans, the best milk and an amazing barista! We are proud to use Tobys Estate Coffee as our coffee supplier and use only the best Norco barista style milks. We offer a variety of milk options, including 2%, lactose free, Bonsoy, Coconut milk and Almond milk. We also service Organic-Paleo-Vegan Red Velvet Hot Chocolates, as well as Turmeric and Chai Lattes, and a variety of leaf teas.


We don’t just do great coffee though! Simon and the team work hard every day to prepare fresh sandwiches, wraps, salads, soups and sausage rolls. Our ham and cheese toasties are made with the most amazing local sour dough bread, our soups and sausage rolls are made in house from scratch, and the majority of our sauces and dressings are also house made. We have a range of healthy raw treats including raw fudge protein bars, almond butter bars and bliss ball which again are made in house and are entirely guilt free!


While you’re instore make sure you have a peek at our retail walls. Be warned though, it’s a little Jekyll and Hyde! On one side, we have a huge variety of organic healthy foods and drinks, think coconut waters, organic popcorn and seaweed chips. Cross to the dark side and you will find a deliciously tempting array of imported candies and soft drinks! Caramel popcorn, milk duds, coffee m&m’s, Dr Pepper, Cherry cokes and imported Mexican coke – just to name a few!


And most importantly – by far our best instore offering is our service! We appreciate and value every single one of our customers so we work hard to ensure our staff are happy and friendly so your experience is always a good one!